Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Update

I've moved my advocacy over to so if you're interested in taking a peek at some of the children who are waiting to be chosen please click here.  I still have several children up above in the tabs as well.  I couldn't bring myself to delete them from anywhere they may be seen.

I'm taking this blog back to being what it was originally created for - my journaling through the adoption process.  We've been home with our little Princess Petals for almost 2.5 years now and I've been told by our pediatrician that she could be the poster child for international adoption.  She has blossomed into a wonderful, beautiful, smart, affectionate, creative, spunky little girl!  Our little girl grew like a weed and has now tapered off and is growing at a more normal rate.  She falls in around the 25% on the growth charts which is amazing considering she was 1% when she came home!  Here are a few pictures to catch up...
Here's where we started in early 2012 when she was just 14 months old:

Happy 2nd Birthday!
 January 2013
Camping/Hiking Summer 2013
Best Friends
2 Year Old Mommy & Me Preschool Fall 2013
Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!
My little ballerina...
Beauty at the beach...
We finally overcame some food issues after she'd been home almost two years.  At 14 months she had never had solid food before and we had to treat her like a 6 month old and feed her rice cereal and pureed baby food.  Once we had her completely on solids and eating what we were eating she went through phases of chewing her food for an extraordinary amount of time - like 45 minutes for a small bite of chicken.  We had meals where she would spit her chewed up food onto her plate (or sometimes at me) in defiance.  Carrots were not her favorite...  It was messy.  It wasn't fun.  She has a stubborn streak in her that will take her far in life but when you are butting heads with this little drama queen...prepare for a loooong battle.  The only other "issue" we've had was illnesses.  This child caught everything she was exposed to the first 18 months home - which isn't unusual for internationally adopted children - but it's still hard to have a child get just so so so sick.  The worst of it was Hand, Foot, Mouth.  She had so many sores all over her little mouth she couldn't eat and survived on Egg Drop Soup.  When she gets an ear infection they somehow morph into two different types of infections requiring two different antibiotics and then the infection somehow spreads to her eyes requiring antibiotic eye drops...  Zero fun.  We are currently on a pretty long healthy streak which is completely awesome!

Princess Petals is deathly afraid of "bugs."  Mosquitos LOVE her dearly and we learned a few weeks ago that wasps (3!) are fond of her as well!  She will not tolerate ANY bugs around her anymore...not even a harmless fly.

Fortunately I am able to stay at home with our children but there are times when we need to leave them in daycare situations - like at the health club and church.  It was obvious early on that leaving her with a stranger wasn't going to be successful for a very long time so I joined her in the daycare at the health club and just let her run around with me in sight.  Eventually I started testing the waters and brought a book and sat outside the doors.  The first time I left her she got so upset she vomited all over me when I picked her up...  Today she runs to the day care without hesitation.  She trusts me.  She knows daycare is temporary and that she's going to play and have fun and that we WILL return for her.  At church its been about the same.  I stayed with her several times or brought her to the service with us until she was ready.  We found that when she could bring a stuffed animal she did much better.  Now when we pick her up after the service she likes to point out, "I didn't cry today" and is very proud of herself and her independence.

I am so blessed to be this little girls mama.  All of my children have helped mold me into the woman I am today but this little one has changed me in ways I never could have anticipated.

Next post will be entitled, "Irrational Love" or something mushy like that because that's what I'm feeling about another child who is currently waiting for us...