Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Phone Calls

Phone Call #1
USCIS received our I-800A application April 27.  I called yesterday, day 47, to see if we had an officer assigned to our case yet and learned we are still waiting.  I felt pretty disappointed because I thought we'd have our approval around day 50 as that seems to be the average time people are seeing right now...hopefully we'll get an officer this week and have our approval, the I-797c, next week...then it gets notarized, sealed by the state and authenticated by the Chinese consulate and mailed with the rest of our Dossier to China for translation.  Once they've entered us into their system we'll be considered LID (Logged In Dossier).  Our plan has been to wait until we were LID to get matched with a child so she will be as young as possible when we bring her home...  So that was the plan...

Phone Call #2
Our agency called today to ask if we wanted them to match us off the new list that should come out in six or seven days....and if so, we need to nail down the special needs we are open to.  Of course getting matched before being LID limits us somewhat on which children we can be matched with as usually the younger more minor needs require LID.  

I knew the day of matching would come, maybe in a month and I was getting so excited, but in a week...are we ready for this?  It's getting so real.  More than just paperwork and writing checks and reading the blogs of other adoptive parents and Wow.  I can't decide if what I'm feeling is excitement or fear but am going to switch myself to autopilot to get the agency what they need.  Off to finish researching cleft lip/palate, congenital heart disease, limb differences and birth marks...

I could potentially have a file in front of me a week from now, with a picture of my daughter staring back at me.  Again, wow.