Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If The Eyes Are The Window To A Soul...

I was playing with one of the new pictures we received of Princess Petals this evening - blew it up and made it black and white.  I was looking at her sweet little face and wishing we had just one picture of her smiling and looking happy.  She usually looks "pleasant," but not happy. 

So I'm staring at these eyes that I will look into for the rest of my life and I noticed something...If you look into her eyes you can see the reflection of her crib bars.  I feel pretty confident that she is well taken care of - her basic needs are being met - I can see that in her chubby cheeks.  But what of love and hugs and whispering sweet things in her little ears?  I wish they had picked her up and posed her somewhere else for the pictures.  I wonder how often she is taken out of the crib.
Day 27 of our wait for LOA (Letter of Action) from China so we can apply for her visa.  Wait times right now are anywhere from 40 to 100 days for LOA...  I wish we could bring her home now and work out the paperwork later.