Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buzz Cut

We received our first update on Princess Petals today!  We used a service that called the orphanage and requested updated photos, height & weight and answers for up to ten questions.  Everything we received is below: 

Hi Rebecca,
I received updates for you today!!! They sent me five pictures. She is adorable!!!
Below is translated update:

1.       Is she sitting independently?

2. Can she crawl?

3. Does she pull up to standing and/or stand with support?
Not yet.

4. Does she have a favorite caregiver or is she friendly with everyone?
All the nannies love her and she is attached to them all.

5. How would you describe her personality? 
She is extroverted. She has a ready smile. She also likes to play with nannies.

6. What are her favorite foods?
Formula mixed with rice cereal.

7. Does she attempt to talk or babble while making eye contact?
She is not talking yet. But she babbles and giggles.

8. Are there any concerns with her health that we should prepare for?
She sometimes gets a cold, occasionally gets seasonal diarrhea

9. Does she sleep well and have a consistent sleeping routine?
She sleeps very well, from 9:00pm until 6:00am next morning. She takes a nap from 11:00am until 2:00pm.

10. What does the SWI need donated most? 
We need a No. 1027 fiberglass table (8 seats). Specifications: 135*200* 76cm .  Price:RMB880.

11. Her updated measurements:
Height: 69cm (27in); Weight: 8.0kg (17.5lbs); Head: 42cm (16.5in); Chest: 46cm (18in); Teeth: 2/2; Foot: 11cm (4in). 

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a great day!

We are so thrilled to have this update, and happy to see that although she is small for her age, she is growing!  I never thought I'd be looking forward to the excruciatingly long flight to China!  I just want to go over there and snuggle her!  I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's not having all of her hair buzzed off regularly!

It's 10:18 PM right now...she's probably eating breakfast as we start thinking about going to bed...
                                                               ... 9 1/2 Months Old ...