Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

We had two great things happen this week and are feeling so blessed!  
1. We sent our first care package to Princess Petals!  We sent our box to Ann at in China.  She will translate our letter for us, add some tea for the orphanage director and a clothing donation to the box, and then send it on to Princess Petals' orphanage.  She'll then follow up to make sure it was received and possibly get a quick update.  Since we just got one two weeks ago we're not really expecting new pictures from them.  Here are a few pictures of what we sent:

The red book pictured above is a baby book that has English on the left and Chinese on the right.  It is full of questions about an adoptive childs life in the orphanage.  We are hoping that the orphanage staff has time to answer some of it.  Even learning when she got her first tooth would be a simple joy!  There are more indepth questions about the day she was found and a list of questions about all of her firsts.  I'm sure she'll be curious about her first year when she's older and it will make this mommy so happy if I have some of the answers.  The books can be found at the following link if anyone is interested: 

2.  Our second blessing came by the way of email.  The angel in the Netherlands that traveled to China in August to pick up her own daughter met another Dutch family online recently.  Through their communication it was discovered that this other family had also taken pictures of Princess Petals!  This isn't truly what made me feel so blessed though, it was the fact that this woman was not just holding Princess Petals, but snuggling her!  After we got our update on October 11th all I could think about was how much time our sweet little girl spent in her crib.  Her hard steel and plywood crib.  To see someone, anyone, pressing her little cheek to theirs with true affection just warmed my heart.  I'm am so thankful for this online community!  I haven't had contact with this second Dutch family and didn't want to post their pictures online without permission so I cropped the gal out and played around with my editing tools... This picture was taken in July so she was about 7 months old.  Who wouldn't want to kiss those sweet cheeks???
I have been thinking a lot about Princess Petals' birthmother since receiving these pictures yesterday.  I wish I could let her know that her baby is safe and that she is going to have a wonderful life in America.  I wish there was some way to communicate with her and provide updates over the years.  I can't imagine the pain she must feel not knowing...