Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cabbage Patch Kids & Cake

I have been searching and searching for an Asian Cabbage Patch doll for Princess Petals.  I found one when I first started looking but she had a goofy tooth filled grin so I decided to keep looking not realizing how hard it would be to find another.  We live in an area with a pretty big Asian population so I guess they either sell quickly or the stores just aren't ordering many.  We drove to southern Ohio this weekend which is a halfway point to get together for an early Christmas with Jon's family. I ran out to Target to get a couple of things and hit the doll section like always...I couldn't believe my eyes...SIX Asian CPKs and they were $10 off!!!  I had too many options and not enough time to ponder so I bought three and plan to make up my mind later!  How fun to find her doll on her birthday!  Now I just have to decide which doll to keep and if we should remove its right hand to make it look like her as has been suggested by some other parents of limb difference kids...hmmm...

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!!!  We had our own little celebration for you here and hope you enjoyed your special day with your nannies and crib mates!