Sunday, December 4, 2011

Truly Amazing Unbelievable News

Today at church our pastor asked us to turn to the people around us and tell them some unbelievable news.  I didn't hear what he said though because I was daydreaming about my baby girl half a world away.  All of the sudden everyone starts talking and I am embarrassed because I have no idea what is going on!  I admit to the couple behind me that I was momentarily zoned out and the woman said, "we're supposed to tell each other something amazing, we're not sure what to share though."  I smiled and said, "well I was just day dreaming about my daughter.  We're adopting an orphan from China!"  I hadn't thought about it that way before, but it is truly amazing, unbelievable news!  I think back to October 2010 when we first got the idea put in our heads to adopt internationally and all the emotions and fears I wrestled with as we started the process, and now here I am pining away for this child wishing I could get on a plane tomorrow.  I can't imagine not adopting this beautiful, precious, tiny baby girl that is changing my life.  I am so thankful to God for touching our hearts and opening our eyes to see what lies on the other side of our world.  I am thankful for the complete release from my sorrow over infertility and my tremendous joy at discovering the blessing of special needs adoption.

Princess Petals' 1st birthday is coming up and we just placed an order through Ladybugs'n'Love for a birthday celebration at her orphanage.  They will receive a cake, disposable camera, candy and nuts and some age appropriate books.  I wish we could have been there for her birthday.  We are hoping for pictures of her with a big birthday cake.  I'm wondering if they've shaved her hair off again or are letting it grow out as the weather cools off a little.  We will be having our own little party for her with Jon's family while we celebrate an early Christmas with them.  Here is what we sent in addition to the cake:
We mailed our I800 paperwork to USCIS on Friday, November 18.  It was received on Monday the 21st and processed on Wednesday the 23rd.  I am hoping, hoping, hoping that we receive our approval sometime next week.  Now THAT would be an awesome birthday present and make our celebration that much more joyous! 

Current time in the US: 2:58 PM 
Current time in Huazhou, China: 2:58 AM

Current temperatures in the US: high 52, low 39 
Current temperatures in Huazhou, China: high 80, low 66