Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bundle of Love

There's really nothing new to report but I know family and friends would like more pictures so here is what we've been up to...nothing, and it's awesome!  I can't remember the last time I had nothing to do but eat, play and sleep! 

Here is Princess Petals getting lotioned up with Scabies cream head to toe.  She seemed to really enjoy the massage aspect of it and laid there almost falling asleep for part of it.  She is holding a photo album we sent in a care package back in early November.  On our Gotcha Day I pulled it out of the bag the orphanage staff gave us and she latched onto it.  She can open the pages by herself and spent a lot of time looking back and forth from the picture of me to my face.  It was so sweet.  After doing that for a little while she looked up and smiled at me.  When Jon came over she did the same with his picture.  We feel quite certain that they allowed her to have this photo book, or at the very least used it to distract her during the 6 hour car ride to bring her to Guangzhou.  Even with the toys we brought here for her that photo album is still her favorite possession and she keeps a tight grip on it.  First tears occurred when we pried it out of her little fingers so we could undress her.

Post medicating and album is back in her hand (behind her).

First bath the next morning...not a fan...  Although the orphanage staff said she wasn't talking, she was repeating the same thing over and over and over while she was crying.  To me it sounded very much like  "Ayi" which is what institutionalized children often call their nannies - it means "auntie."  She was inconsolable until a bottle was presented...she loves her bottles and being held while she eats.  For a child that has always fed herself alone in her crib (we were told this by the staff), she loves to be snuggled and stare into our eyes during bottles.  

We had to go back to Civil Affairs to sign the adoption paperwork and declare that YES, after spending time with her we do indeed still want to adopt her!!!  

Our ride back to the hotel after Civil Affairs...she took a power nap on my chest.  Pure awesomeness.

After lunch we went back to the room but the short power nap in the van that morning seemed to be enough for her...until late afternoon...  She didn't want to be in her crib so I laid down with her, just for a minute...that minute turned into three hours and my husband had to wake us up!

I didn't want to try another bath again right away since the first one was so upsetting.  SO, I brought her into the shower with me.  At first she whimpered a little but after a few minutes she laid her head on my chest and just relaxed against me.  It was pretty amazing.  After awhile I was able to wash her and before all was said and done she started smiling up at me and almost giggling.  After the shower she got a lotion massage (her skin is very dry) and I put her in the crib for a nap - she was out immediately.  We have to wake her up soon to go to the police station to apply for her Chinese passport so she can leave the country next week!  This is what she's doing right now while I blog...  

Until we arrived, Princess Petals' only food was formula mixed with rice cereal.  In the past few days she has had rice cereal, Cheerios, mashed bananas, congee and apple juice.  She wasn't sure about eating off a spoon at first but seems to be warming up to it.  She loves feeding herself Cheerios though.  Jon put a wet plate on her tray this morning because she wants to eat them with her right nubbin.  If she gets it wet the cereal sticks.  It appears she would very much like to be right handed.  She tries everything with her nubbin first and then defers to her left hand when it doesn't work out.  

Seriously can't imagine things going any better than they are!  We feel so very blessed.