Friday, February 24, 2012

Hong Kong

Before our flights today we had some tearful good-bye's with our boys and took our last picture as a family of four!  W (3) made it very difficult for me to go but we just Skyped and he's enjoying pancakes with Grandma and seemed pretty happy.  D (6) wasn't in the mood to talk so we only saw him very briefly.  Hopefully he'll be more agreeable tomorrow.  
Yes, my boys were still in their jammies at noon...but even with jammies and bed heads this is probably one of the best family pictures we've ever taken:
Here we are at the airport just before boarding...I couldn't even think about the boys without tearing up... 
And now we're safe in Hong Kong and enjoying one another's company and getting really excited to meet Princess Petals.  

When we arrived in Hong Kong we were instantly hit with how humid it is!  I think we both felt pretty gross within minutes of stepping off the plane.   After getting to our hotel we went downstairs to have a drink and relax a little.  I was not hungry but Jon decided to get a burger...he ordered it medium well but had to send it back twice because it was completely rare.  He probably would've eaten it but I insisted he send it back...I've read too many blogs about people who get food poisoning their first or second day in Asia...  Although I did bring an entire pharmacy with us I am hoping not to need any of it!  
We're looking forward to a great day of sightseeing tomorrow (even thought it's supposed to be raining).  Our goal is to see the Big Budda and Jackie Chan's hand prints in Hong Kong's version of Hollywood.  Thank you to everyone for all of the emails, encouragement and prayers!  It is so very appreciated!

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I think we're 13 hours ahead of eastern US time and about to hit the hay (if we can).