Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Is Beautiful

It is true.  When you listen to your heart and follow the path that you know is right, life is beautiful.  Pushing aside the doubts and fears that make me human, I trusted, and have been rewarded.  I can't believe that I almost let this opportunity slip by.  Princess Petals is beautiful.  She is sweet.  This day could not have been more perfect.  Jon threw together a very short video of our gotcha day.. 
It was an awesome, overwhelming and unforgettable day and we are so thankful to be experiencing the gift of adoption.  We are discovering how much love we can feel for a child we just met, and learning first hand about the life of an institutionalized orphan.  We are saddened that her diaper rash is so severe there are layers of skin either thickened to a callous in some areas or blistered and peeling away in others.  She has blood blisters on some fingers and toes from getting pinched between the crib and the piece of plywood she slept on.  We had our suspicions confirmed that she has a nasty case of Scabies which is the likely cause of the scarring and discoloration on her abdomen and scabs all over her body.  BUT, these skin issues have been treated and will heal and today this child has been cuddled and loved.
We asked our guide how to say "I love you" in Cantonese.  He told us, but also informed us that the word "love" is not a word she would probably be familiar with.  

That broke my heart.

Today she is loved.  Today she knows what love is.

Everything about today is beautiful.