Monday, February 27, 2012

Headed To Guangzhou Civil Affairs

We went to the bank this morning and exchanged our US Dollars for Chinese RMB to pay for the public announcement, notary, registration, passport, medical exam, visa photo and the mandatory orphanage "donation."  Everything is done in cash so we are looking forward to having this money out of our hotel room as when you add it all up it's around $6,670 US dollars.  

I just packed up her bag of everything we're bringing to her "gotcha day" or "family day."  We haven't decided what we're calling it but TODAY IS THE DAY we get Princess Petals!!!  I packed up a few toys, a coat and hat, an extra outfit just in case she is upset and vomits.  A bottle, formula, rice cereal, Cheerios, diapers and wipes, a sippy of water, book and a pacifier.
Our guide will be at our hotel soon to pick us up and then it's a 20 minute ride to civil affairs.  They start bringing the children out to the waiting families at 2:30 and we've been told to expect Princess Petals to be a little late because she is coming from so far away.  We plan to busy ourselves by helping other families with their pictures and video as they receive their children.  I can't believe the day is actually here!  My stomach is starting to knot up a little and I need to relax so I'm keeping this short...

Next time I blog there will be a little girl crawling around the room and one less orphan in China.