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Agency Designated Special Focus child

I had a wonderful time playing with sweet Clover for several hours in July 2013 and am overjoyed that her file has finally been prepared!  The first two photos were taken during my trip and the rest are from when her file was prepared in March 2014.

Clover was born in July 2011 and has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease (VSD, PDA).  She is currently living in a loving foster family in a very nice apartment within the institution and receiving preschool education through a Half The Sky Foundation program.  
Clover is outgoing and friendly but she prefers familiar people.  When I was in the institute she was happy to play with me and super smiley but when her favorite teacher scooped her up we all got to hear her contagious deep belly laughs!  Clover enjoys animals, books, moving toy cars and balls.  She understands simple instructions, gestures to show "good-bye" and "hug" and understands the meaning of "no."  She likes to imitate adults and is able to communicate by speaking.  She likes learning to sing songs and playing with other children.  She especially enjoys the outdoor playgrounds and slides.  Clover likes running and climbing high, riding her bike and playing hide and seek.  Her report describes a little girl who (in my opinion as a parent of a 3 year old) is on track developmentally for fine and gross motor skills.

This little girl is not only adorable but she is sweet, and smart and oh so loving.  Her smile lights up the room and I will rejoice when a family moves forward to adopt her!  I am happy to answer any questions about my experience meeting her and spending time in her institute.  

Please see Clover in this video:

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