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DANNY - File On Hold
April 2003
Agency Designated
Danny is a healthy child who lives with a foster family and helps with the care of his foster brother.  He has an outgoing personality, enjoys spending time with friends and likes playing sports.   He recently stayed with a host family in South Carolina.  He is an open, intelligent, inquisitive, active and funny boy who loves to joke and engage in kind-hearted teasing.  He's very affectionate and is good with younger children.  He was afraid of his host family's big dogs but is getting used to them and takes them on long walks with his hosts.  Danny is happy throughout the day and likes most food he is offered.  He also likes coffee but has started adding sugar and cream like his host dad!  He's a brave swimmer, enjoys all sports, and is a good student.  He's considered special needs only because of his age and doesn't have a medical diagnosis.  Pre-screened families may have an opportunity to speak with his host family about him. 
New Picture From Host Only Family:

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Please email  WaitingChildInfo@gmail.com  for more information.