Felicity & Melody

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I had the pleasure of meeting Felicity and Melody during July of 2013 while volunteering in their orphanage.  They are both in foster care and live in the same building, however, they aren't foster sisters.

**********  ***   MELODY   ***   **********

Special Focus child
Agency Designated but available for release

Melody was born in February of 2007 and is diagnosed with post-operative selective lumbrosacral rhizotomy in lumbosacral region.  I met her in July 2013 while volunteering and although her original  file indicates she is delayed, the staff told us she is very intelligent and has no other special needs other than her physical issues.  One of the other volunteers with me had been sponsoring Melody through Half The Sky Foundation and was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend a few minutes with her.  They had a brief conversation through an interpreter and Melody hugged her tightly after being told that Vicki had been a sponsor for her education and foster care. 

Melody lives with a foster family and receives her education through Half The Sky's Little Sister program.  The staff describe her as being outgoing, clever and lovely.  They said she is fond of drawing, listening to stories and playing games.  She often takes part in performances in her class and is outstanding in dancing and musical activities.  Melody is an active girl who loves to talk.
From personal experience I can say Melody is a very sweet girl who works hard during her therapy to improve her skills.  I hope that a family will come forward for her very soon.  

Pictures from July 2013 during her music therapy.  She is laughing because the music just stopped and said, "oooh la la!"  That just really cracked her up!

There are several videos of Melody available - please email me to view them.

Videos from her previous agency designation.  
Password for all three videos is:  melody

*********  ***   FELICITY   ***   *********

Special Focus child
Agency Designated

  I had the opportunity to meet Felicity after reading that our agency was looking for volunteers to visit the orphanage with them and "play with the children."  It was an awesome experience and I am forever changed.  Felicity was born in April 2002 but wasn't added to the waiting child list until 2011. She was so incredibly shy at her appointment that the doctors in China labeled her as "developmentally delayed" because she would barely speak to them during her medical exam.  The orphanage staff insists that she is shy with strangers but talkative with her foster family, friends and the orphanage staff.  Although the orphanage director and staff say she is very smart, they also told us she tends to "freeze up" and cannot complete tests in the time allowed so is unable to always pass them.  This sweet girl was shy but curious around us.  The first two times we saw her she kept her distance although she followed us around the orphanage building.  She finally opened up on our last day.  She approached me while other children were watching the videos I had just made of them rollerblading in the courtyard.  I invited her to watch as well and was happily shocked when she not only joined in, but leaned on me so she could see the screen!  That's why the second picture below was taken - we were all so surprised!  I know it was out of her comfort zone to be that close to me, a stranger, and at that moment I realized she has the longest, most beautiful eye lashes.  I must have played the same video ten times for them.  Afterwards I let her use my camera to take a picture.  She was unsure at first but her smile was HUGE when she had my camera in her hands!

Felicity is the is the last girl in her building her age.  She and two of her friends spent several months in Beijing during some renovations at the orphanage and when they returned her two best friends were told they had families coming for them.  At this time all of her close girl friends have been adopted and this has caused her to become even more of an introvert.  I can only imagine that she wonders, "why not me?"  She says she wants to be adopted and I think that's why she made an effort to come out of her shell a little bit for us.  She knew we were there to help her find a family.

Felicity is just entering the 4th grade nearby the institute.  She is described as a very adorable girl.  Her update states "she is very quiet and introverted...but during the connection with the little friends, teachers and parents, she is active, outgoing, likes to smile and talk.  She has good communication with the familiar people."  They say she is shy when meeting strangers but once comfortable she can express her thoughts well.

Felicity has made great improvements in studying.  She can discuss and debate with friends, count, do addition and subtraction, read and write.  Felicity "respects the teachers in the school and gets along well with classmates."  She is very healthy and participates in many sports.  At home she is mild and takes care of younger brothers and sisters and helps with housework.  She likes to watch TV, listen to music, ride her bike outside and put on beautiful clothes.  She helps foster siblings put on their clothes and make the bed.  She is not a picky eater but likes to eat apples.  Her foster family loves her very much.

(Felicity's hands on my leg, touching me, so she can see her pictures and watch the videos I made of her and the other older children during Physical Education class).  

The only other kids her age are all boys and she spends a lot of time playing basketball, rollerblading and other athletic activities.  There is also a skiing mountain nearby where the SWI takes the older children in the winter.

Felicity has been asked and, yes, she does want to be adopted!!!

I have a few videos of Felicity I can share with people reviewing her file.  Please email me for them.

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