Henry & Sam

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Agency Designated Special Focus Children

Henry and Sam stayed with the same host family but can be adopted individually by different families.  Their host mom said, "they are both outgoing and say hello to everyone they meet.  Both are eager to help with chores and each takes on responsibility for his own possessions.  They both have an unspoiled innocence about them.  Each has his own unique personality."

Henry was born in November 2007 and is an outgoing, active, polite, friendly and helpful boy who watches out for his friends like a big brother.  His teachers and friends love him very much.  Henry loves music, story time, cartoons and drawing.  Currently Henry is staying with a family in Virginia.  They say he is full of character, laughter and showmanship.  On his first day here he discovered the electronic keyboard, a drum, hat and sunglasses and he hasn't stopped performing yet!  He's gifted at dancing and loves to sing, play ball, run and throw a frisbee.  His humor is of the slapstick variety and he communicates it well despite his limited English.  He enjoys art projects and blocks but is most captivated by trucks and cars.  He's very bright and shows a keen aptitude for learning English.  In Sunday School he pays attention to the teacher and eagerly participates in activities with the other children.  He is open to new experiences and absolutely loves to say "hello" to everyone he meets.  Henry is a brave, seemingly confident boy who has adjusted well to many new experiences.

New Pictures From Host Family:
UPDATE JULY 2014:  Henry's host mom says, "Henry is a bundle of energy who knows his own mind.  He was born with cleft lip and cleft palate that was surgically remediated.  He would benefit from speech therapy but has no problem communicating with others.  He surprised my dad and me when he broke out into a song and dance number he had performed on Children's Day in China.  He is clearly musically inclined and keeps good rhythm with a drum.  He is definitely not shy.  He also is a fast runner who would be really good at sports given the right opportunity.  He is a comedian and loves to do things to get people to laugh.  He is really smart and charming.  He loves the water and would benefit from swimming lessons.  I believe he is a natural leader."

Sam was born in April 2006 and is very smart, polite, easy-going, helpful and friendly.  He's described as a nice boy who is always smiling.  Sam studies well and has strong cognitive ability.  Sam is living with a foster family and likes to help with household chores.  He is independent and can manage his self-care well.  He had meningocele surgery three years ago and now has good bowel and bladder control.  Sam is staying in Virginia.  He is very kind and helpful with keen observational and problem-solving skills.  His host family calls him "the engineer" because he carefully studies and notices how things work, how to correct structural problems and enjoys play power drills, screw and socket sets.  He notices details everywhere.  When coloring he carefully stays within the lines.  He was coloring a scene from Winnie The Pooh and kept checking to ensure he selected the right colors for Pooh's red jacket and his fur.  He is extremely helpful and cleans up the playroom, lining up toys and trucks perfectly;  takes his plate to the sink and regularly says, "thank you."  He is learning English quickly and has a keen ear.  He likes to play in the tub and goes to bed willingly.  He wakes up happy.  He enjoys Veggie Tales and construction videos, playing musical instruments, and just being a kid.  He is an extraordinary boy with a great sense of humor!

UPDATE JULY 2014:  Sam's host mom says, "he has a little difficulty keeping his balance but when he falls he gets right back up and keeps going.  In the short time he's been with me his coordination has definitely improved.  He is a happy boy who is detail oriented.  He carefully studies the cover of coloring books and toys to see just how they are supposed to look.  For example, he was coloring a Winnie the Pooh page and flipped back to the cover to make sure he selected the correct color for Pooh's fur, jacket and other items.  Then he carefully colored the pictures, staying within the lines.  I purchased a toy for the boys to play with and he studied the pictures of the toy to determine what things the toy could do.  I had no idea the toys could do the things he discovered.  When he puts his toys away, he carefully places each toy in its designated place.  He tries to explain to his 6 year old companion (Henry) what he needs to do to follow the rules and is very patient when his friend tries to put puzzle pieces where they don't belong.  He is quite loving and clearly intelligent.  I suspect this little guy will make a fantastic engineer or other detail oriented professional one day."

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