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Special Focus child
Agency Designated but available for release

Jordan's report was completed when he was only 15 months old, however, I volunteered in this orphanage in July 2013 and was able to spend some time with him myself.  Hopefully the update that has been requested will be completed soon!
Jordan was born in June 2010 and his report states his diagnosis as post-operative meninigomyelocele, post-operative shunt of ventricle and repaired club foot.  He entered his orphanage as an infant and had surgery soon after.  Once he had recovered he was placed into foster care and began attending an Infant Nurture program through Half The Sky Foundation.  
At the time of his report when he was 15 months old it was said that he had a ready smile and liked to be cuddled.  He would look around and observe his surroundings.  He was able to pass blocks between both hands and find dropped toys.  He liked to crawl everywhere and was able to sit alone to play.  It was said he had a good memory and was fond of music.  He was sleeping in his own bed and had regular bowel habits (urinating about 4 x daily and defecating once daily).  

In July 2013 I first saw Jordan at the very end of a line up of adorable toddlers.  I guess I spent too much time with the kids before him though because just as I made it a little over halfway down the line we were told it was time to go to the next room!  I was only able to snap a couple of quick photos of Jordan that day.  On our last day in the institute I requested to see a few of the kids from the first day again.  Not all were there, but fortunately they brought sweet Jordan out to us!  

At that time we learned that although he had stayed with the same foster family they had just moved him from the Infant Nurture program into the Little Sister's Preschool.  That explained why he was so shy - everyone standing around him was a new face - not just the foreigners!  I have a video of Dr. Alison examining him and asking the staff questions.  They were very accommodating and because he was so new to this facility they were calling his previous nannies to make sure we were given accurate information.  We learned that he is able to walk with assistance.  They have him use a walker but I took his little hands in mine and walked with him myself.  I have notes that he wasn't leaning on me so much for support as he was for balance.  I am hopeful that an update will show him walking independently now that he's had several months of therapy through the Half The Sky programs available in his new building.  When we asked about toilet training they said that he needs a little assistance getting on the potty but he was using it.  I am also hoping that an update will state that he is fully potty trained now.  
Jordan was just an incredibly sweet little boy and very easy going.  He watched us and was occasionally distracted by the noisy older children in their PE class very close to us.   He was obviously curious about his surroundings and what we were doing and never seemed frightened when approached or plopped into one of our laps.  I can just see this little guy all snuggled up on the couch with a mama watching Saturday morning cartoons.  

Please enjoy this video of Jordan!  
I wish I'd noticed his shoe was falling off before I asked him to walk!  

Better quality video on Vimeo:
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