Joseph, Luke & Parker

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Joseph, Luke & Parker are not biological brothers but they are older boys with extremely minor special needs who are waiting to be adopted.  All three boys are in foster care in the same province but Luke is in a different city than Joseph and Parker.

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**********  ***   JOSEPH (B)  ***   **********

Joseph was born in October 2001 and his special need is repaired cleft lip and repaired cleft palate.  I had the sincere pleasure of getting to meet him this past July while I was in China.  He lives in a foster care apartment within his orphanage with two older sisters and three younger siblings.  Joseph excels in his Art classes and his art is displayed around his foster home and the walls of his bedroom.  His foster mom was very proud of his accomplishments and made sure we didn't leave without seeing his work first!  Joseph seemed a little shy but we were told he does hope to be adopted.

A little video I threw together to highlight some of my time with Joseph...

**********  ***   LUKE   ***   ********** 

Luke was born in June of 2004 and just turned 9 without a family paper chasing for him!!!  This little boy has limb differences that appear to be due to Amniotic Banding (same as my daughter).  I have more detailed pictures of the amniotic banding on his hands and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there are more finger bones that were trapped by the bands during development in the womb.  The cause of Amniotic Banding is unknown but essentially tiny threads of the amniotic sac tear off and float around during early development. They can get wrapped around body parts and interfere with normal growth.
IF Luke has finger bones under the skin a surgeon may be able to "fix" his hand and "release" or create fingers for him.  Scottish Rite and Shriners are two reputable and typically VERY affordable places to receive treatment for this.  Please see the pictures below - even without any surgery he is very capable just the way he is!
Luke's file was completed in 2010...
...and he is still waiting for his forever family to find him.
He can write...
 ...Peel an orange... his coat...
...cut with scissors and eat with chopsticks...
Obviously his foster family was SO PROUD of him they took all of these photos to show off how awesome he is!!!  From my experience, kids with limb differences adapt quickly and are downright tenacious!  

As a mother of a child missing an entire hand due to amniotic banding I can tell you that when my daughter learns to do something new, something I thought she would really struggle with one-handed, my heart just soars!  I've learned not to underestimate her!  These kids can do anything they put their minds to!  This is really such a very, very minor "special need."

**********   ***   PARKER   ***   **********

Parker was born in April 2004 and has a lazy eye.  His right ear has a very slight deformity but I'm not sure if it is congenital or from an injury.  Parker is a very sweet boy and a lot of fun to be around.  His vision didn't seem to be affected by the lazy eye.  He was running around playing, rollerblading and goofing off with us with no problem.

His Physical Education teacher said he loves to ski, has good coordination and is very brave! 

Better quality video here:
Password:  Parker1

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